Our Team

The StartRight team will always be there to help pave your startup’s way towards investment

Ibrahim Shehata

Ibrahim acts as the Head of StartRight and specializes in Investment Rounds, Off-Shoring Services and customizing SAFEs, Convertibles and Shareholders’ Agreements.

Basem AlMaghthawi

Basem is acting as the head of StartRight Saudi Arabia. With his unique expertise in international transactions and outstanding negotiation skills, he closes spectacular Investment Rounds and provides counsel on various corporate structure types and tailored agreements.

Khaled El-Khashab

Khaled has been part of StartRight since its first inkling and has been involved in multiple investment rounds for various startups and is currently fully seconded at Trella whereby he manages all their legal operations.

Alaa Zakaria

Alaa is a founding member of StartRight where she focuses on assisting startups with their corporate procedures and customizing their service agreements.

Aya Rashwan

Aya has joined StartRight towards the end of 2021 after almost a decade of legal experience in top-tier law firms in Egypt. Aya focuses her practice on corporate procedures and labor law issues.

Hesham Kamel

Hesham has been an indispensable member of StartRight since its very beginning where he has been able to close several investment rounds and assist The Food Lab and OLife with establishing all of their contractual business-friendly templates.

Ghadir Halim

Ghadir has been one of the founding team of StartRight whereby she has been able to assist with a wide array of legal issues concerning ESOPs and Phantom Share Plans in addition to tailored service agreements.

Ohoud Ayman

Ohoud has joined StartRight towards its beginnings and she has been able to provide consistent legal assistance to several Egyptian startups in the FinTech sector.

Tasneem El-Naggar

Tasneem has recently joined StartRight and has advised several key startups accounts. Tasneem has interned in several top tier law firms in Egypt and has been able to assist several Egyptian Startups with doing business smoothly and efficiently in Egypt.

Yassine Roushdy

Yassine has joined StartRight recently and has been involved with several key startups accounts. Yassine has interned in several top tier law firms in Egypt and has been able to provide a business-mindset approach when advising Egyptian Startups.