Off-Shoring Guide | Delaware Episode

Written by Ibrahim Shehata

Disclaimer: This guide should not in any manner be interpreted or considered as legal advice or tax advice.

In total, there are several well-known geographical jurisdictions that offer considerable offshoring incentives. The key to choosing the most suitable offshore jurisdiction is to fully understand the extent of the incentives offered by each jurisdiction, how they impact your business in Egypt, and how much you can financially invest in any of them.

There are elements that may allow you to determine which jurisdiction is the best for your business such as the geographic territory, the forms of companies in that jurisdiction, the duration of incorporation, the requirement of a bank account for incorporation, the tax rates, the minimum number of directors and shareholders, the types of legal systems, the publicity of corporate information, the economic substance requirements, the foreign ownership ratio, the setup fees, the ongoing annual fees, and the requirement of a local agent or director.

The Delaware Episode is downloadable here

StartRight Take on Delaware

Do not be swayed with the minimal incorporation fees and the speedy incorporation process and try to think long-term. StartRight does not generally recommend Delaware for any Egyptian startup to off-shore. It has to be studied and examined carefully. Otherwise, it will be a huge pain and an unrelenting holding vehicle.

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