Open Legal Resources for Startups

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This blog comprises our collection of intriguing and important articles and resources that every startup would need at some point or another during its promising journey. We will update it periodically to keep it up to date with everything happening in such a fast-paced ecosystem.

A) Convertibles



KISS Debt Version

KISS Equity Version


Valuation Cap Definition

Valuation Cap Insights for Startups

OQAL Note (Sharia Compliant Convertible Equity)

Capitalization (Cap) Tables

B) Terms Sheets

Series Seed Downloads

Model Term Sheet

New Enhanced Model Term Sheet

Demystifying the Terms of a Term Sheet

Protective Provisions in Term Sheets

Common Stock v. Preferred Stock

Fully Diluted Shares Definition

C) Vesting

Why Vesting for Founders is important?

Top 5 Considerations for Founders Vesting

Determining your ESOP Size

D) Founders General Advice

Top 5 Mistakes by Founders

5 Questions to ask before creating your own Startup

Legal Proofing your Startup

VCs and what they look at in Startups?

Bridge Financing & Down Rounds Q&A

Accelerators & Startups

E) Data Protection (GDPR)

How can Companies limit their GDPR Penalties?

Navigating Privacy Policy and Personal Data Issues

F) Generic Resources

UAE Free Zone Navigator


500 Global – VC Unlocked Courses